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Results of New Peanut Allergy Trials Presented at EAACI Meeting

EACCI logoResults of New Peanut Allergy Trials Presented at EAACI Meeting

July 8th, 2015

The European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) recently held its 2015 Annual Congress in Barcelona, Spain. FARE CEO Dr. James R. Baker, Jr. and FARE SVP of Research and Operations Mary Jane Marchisotto, attended the meeting, where new research findings about food allergies were presented. Of interest to the food allergy community, results of studies conducted by DBV Technologies and Aimmune Therapeutics were presented.

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Food Allergy Awareness Day at Frontier Field

GroupAtFair w RochesterRedWingsMascot-285x191


June 15th, 2015

The summer season is here and so is the baseball season! The Rochester Red Wings have scheduled an allergy awareness event for the end of June at Frontier Field. The date is SUNDAY, June 28th; the stadium gates open at Noon; the game starts at 1:30pm featuring the Red Wings vs. Charlotte. 

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The four allergy myths you thought were true - but aren't

Woman Sneezing Into Tissue The four allergy myths you thought were true - but aren't

Could our super-clean environment as compared to how our more rural ancestors lived be a cause of the current increase in allergies? Is there a link between reduced exposure to microbes and allergies? Research scientists in the UK say no, and also dispel myths about increased personal hygiene, fewer childhood infections and the prevalence of synthetic chemicals as being causes.

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Addressing life-threatening food allergy is a team effort for Clarence family

Cooper Nash, his dad Tim, brotjer Ryder and his mom Kelly
Cooper Naab has a big support team that includes, from top left, dad Tim, brother Ryder and mom Kelly Naab. (Sharon Cantillon/Buffalo News)

Addressing life-threatening food allergy is a team effort for Clarence family

Saturday, May 23, 2015

By Scott Scanlon

Cooper Naab has gotten used to living with a life-threatening peanut allergy.

The 7-year-old from Clarence tackles life with the same zest as lots of kids, but his condition comes with a vigilance that most outside his close-knit support group would find hard to understand.

If he ingests just a slight trace of peanut, he could get extremely ill extremely quickly, and might die.

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Epi Kits for EMS?

Syringe Drawing Meds from BottleEpi Kits for EMS?

Are less expensive Epi Kits a suitable replacement for epi pens, particularly for emergency personnel? Several states have found that they are, and others are considering them. The Allergy Advocacy Association set out to research the issue, and here is our ‘white paper’ reporting what we have found so far. Read the full article here.

May 8th, 2015
By Janet Goldman

The Allergy Advocacy Association is dedicated to educating and advocating for those with severe allergies. When recently alerted to Epi Kits, a new alternative to epinephrine auto-injectors, we chose to investigate the possibilities. We researched the usage, effectiveness and perspectives towards this treatment protocol.

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