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Allergy Advocacy Association - Emergency Allergy Treatment Act Stalled In Albany

Emergency Allergy Treatment Act Stalled In Albany

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Emergency Allergy Treatment Act Stalled In Albany

Greetings from Jon Terry, the founder of the Allergy Advocacy Association. Concerning anaphylaxis, life-threatening allergies and epinephrine, the Emergency Allergy Treatment Act did not pass during the 2015 legislative session. After extending the session for an additional week to conclude important state business, legislators went home for good just before the beginning of July.

EATA authorizes the certification of persons to administer lifesaving treatment to individuals who have severe allergic reactions when a physician is not available; allows an authorized entity to acquire and stock a supply of epinephrine auto-injectors with a prescription; authorized entity includes restaurants, recreation camps, youth sports leagues, theme parks and resorts, entertainment venues and sports arenas.

At the end of April New York State Senator Michael H. Ranzenhofer (R, C, IP) 61st Senate District submitted Bill S4935-2015 the **** Emergency Allergy Treatment Act for consideration of the senate health committee. Assemblyman Tom Abinanti (D) Assembly District 92 submitted a companion bill at the beginning of May. The Senate bill did pass with 62 affirmative votes; but the assembly bill was tabled by the health committee and was not bought up for a vote.

Staff members of the assembly health committee explained that the reason for non-consideration of EATA this year had to do with the bill’s extensive provisions; due to the bill’s comprehensive nature the chairman of the health committee, Dick Gottfried, felt more time was required for further evaluation and discussion. He is reportedly concerned about proper statewide implementation of EATA once it becomes law. The bill will be reconsidered starting next January 2016. Mr. Gottfried has previously voted in favor of improved access to epinephrine in NYS schools via the Student Medications Carry Act signed into law last year.

Despite this year’s setback in Albany, I am cautiously optimistic that EATA will become law will here in NYS sooner or later. During 2015 more than two dozen states across America had entity stocking legislation on their agendas; currently six states have already enacted such laws including Florida, Maine and Minnesota. Entity stocking is clearly the next step towards better protecting the lives of individuals at risk for anaphylaxis. We will continue our advocacy efforts through our program of awareness, alertness and action. The vision of the Allergy Advocacy Association is a clear and direct one. "Not another life lost to anaphylaxis - Not another life lost to ANY life-threatening allergies!" Best wishes!

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